About Maryn

I am a woman, wife and mother. I am a fierce protector of our autonomy as women and as humans. I believe that birth can change us, and that our babies are worth all the internal searching and all the outside education so that they truly can be born in peace and love. My own births (10 of them! 1 hospital birth and then 9 at home) have been so stupendous and life-altering and have significantly affected how I “midwife”. I believe women know, and have always known, and my role is to guide, listen, support and ultimately hold witness to one of life’s main initiations.

My first home birth occurred almost 15 years ago; ever since, I have been involved in caring for women and witnessing birth. I Love helping women return to their deepest selves but yet I see the modern day design of fears and control as serious distractions; with that, I encourage education and self-connection. However; the way out is through! Each powerful woman that births in her truth and shares her story changes the world. I hope you’ll join me in being one of those women. Love, Maryn



Sedona, Arizona

maryn at indiebirth.org

+1 928 821 5789