While it’s expected that care providers tell you all about them and what THEY offer, I’d like to first point out that whatever you decide you want and need is most important! I see often that women don’t know what’s possible; they think they “have to” sign up for someone else to manage them or tell them how to be pregnant. They “have to” do routine testing because that’s what people do, and in the end, this is destroying women’s abilities to have amazing experiences!! There is nothing more detrimental than removing yourself from the CENTER of your experience. My most beautiful birth and pregnancy moments and memories come from a place where I was completely confident, completely fearless, completely IN my experience in a way no one could ever frighten me out of! I learned over many years to know and trust my body completely, and to rely on my intuition and inner sense. Midwife care offered me something beautiful; a chance to share that with another woman who would love and support me. A person to bounce feelings and ideas off of. A sane ear when I needed it, or encountered fears or a big decision. I was blessed to have an authentic midwife that held space for me to KNOW. So, I know deeply that it is less about what I offer and more about what you envision and call in for yourself and your babe. 


As a traditional midwife, I offer pregnancy, birth and postnatal support to Indie Birth members only. I support women in creating their prenatal care by offering a combination of education/clinical skills/emotional and spiritual support in preparation for your homebirth, and beyond. I choose to work with only 1-2 families per month to ensure that you receive the best care, love and support from me. Care extends through the birthing process into life after baby; for many people, it is lifelong connection between us that I am honored to be apart of. In the spirit of the Wise Woman tradition, your care includes access to technology and routine testing should you need or desire it. This is the new paradigm, and I trust you!

I have a passion for improving and re-dreaming midwifery care! I worked as a midwife for a while in the old paradigm of: birth is dangerous and scary; plus, putting many checks and boxes before women, and must-dos and me posing as an authority figure. In the years since those experiences, I have allowed myself to release my own ties to this old system to connect with what I deeply know as a woman and midwife. There is nothing I’d love more than to be that reflection for more women. We are smart, and capable. We do not need authority figures (unless we want them!) and we certainly don’t have to give away our birth experiences because of someone else’s fear. There are so many different ways that care can look based on who you are, what your path has been and what you want. I am blessed to work with women who want the absolute best experience and most intentional experience for themselves and their baby. We CAN have skilled midwifery care that allows us to flourish as growing, changing women at the most important time of life without a bunch of ridiculous “rules” that limit what we can do with our own bodies. Dream your dreamiest pregnancy and birth experience and know that it is possible for you to be supported in just that.

Contact me via email, phone or text to see if we’d be a good match; or to ask me questions if you have them. I accept a limited number of families to work with and offer two “care package” options based on what you desire. I do encourage people to investigate the other local options for home birth and birth center and to reach a high degree of clarity before we decide to work together.

In addition, I offer free birth workshops in Sedona every few months and have an enormous amount of free podcasts and paid classes, webinars, etc. and blog posts over at Indie Birth with my best friend, Margo. You can also find us and follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @indiebirth. Margo and I also happen to have created one of the only authentic midwifery schools on the planet! I live an amazing life here in Sedona with my husband, 9 children and many dogs.