Women Speak

Each woman I have served has her own story. Here are some stories, words of gratitude and reflections about pregnancy and birth.

I found Indie Birth just in time! Less than three weeks from having my second child I was distraught and hopeless. My pregnancy was riddled with labels from start to finish beginning with the fact my heart was set on a VBAC. I had a revolving door of MEDwives and doctors whom never believed in me and instead continued to drill fear into my clouded mind. I tried my best to be “smart”, “safe”, and compliant until I realized my pregnancy had been so disconnected. My voice never mattered. My intuition was a mere joke to my careTAKERs.. so much so that my best case scenario for my birth would be if I just had accidentally had the baby too fast to make it to the hospital.

That is why finding Maryn was the first time I actually breathed during my entire pregnancy. She gifted me the idea of not only an unmedicalized birth but a home birth. What me?! I thought that was only for the unbroken?! ..

Less than three weeks from having my son I finally found someone that not only believed in me but empowered me. And because of that I had the most amazing healing experience I have ever been honored with. Shasta’s birth changed my life.

Maryn and her assistant Valarie were there encircling me with encouragement. They gave me the space and respect to honor my body while riding the contractions and I did for my body as they did for me. I didn’t have to do anything to stop the flow of labor. My perception will never be the same. I tapped into my divine feminine and I birthed my baby in 5 hours with the most loving support.

From the depth of my soul I know Maryn is the only true midwife I have met. If you are looking for the most empowered, true, raw, spiritual birth then look no further. Maryn is a well of scientific knowledge and soul searched wisdom. If you want to be a part of reclaiming your own knowledge as I have , Indie Birth is for you!
— Christina, Camp Verde
Until you have had an undisturbed birth of your own it’s impossible to describe how important the work that Indie Birth doing is. Indie birth is more than midwifery care it is an opportunity for women to really tune in, know their baby in the womb, trust in their body and themselves throughout the pregnancy and into birth and motherhood. Maryn and the midwives of Indie Birth provided me the tools (hands) and the personal support for me to go into birth without fear, without unnecessary intervention and with total love and trust for myself and my baby as we were finding power and connection in an undisturbed and well supported birth. I birthed my daughter on my living room floor last summer surrounded only by trust and love. In contrast with my first hospital birth my indie birth taught me how absolutely important it is for the birthing woman to rightly have power and autonomy in birth without having to fight for it. We carry our births with us for far longer than we carry our babies. Indie birth gave me the knowledge and trust that has allowed me to carry my birth experience lightly, lovingly, proudly and with the burning desire to share what pregnancy and birth was designed to be, which is a Divine power and experience that connects woman, child and the incredible force of nature. Birth is beautiful.
— Althea, Flagstaff
Our care with Maryn and Annika was exactly what we could have hoped for. Their support and knowledge of what to do in the flow of things was what we needed. Our baby girl’s birth came and went, strong and exhausting! I am so grateful for all the pregnancy and post partum presence they provided!

Maryn’s knowledge of herbs, ancient ways and homeopathics really made a difference to our experience.
Love and Blessings to these amazing women who are involved with Indie Birth!
— Kylee, Cornville
She answered all my questions.
She was very accessible.
She listened to me.
She created a community for me to be part of.
She was right here with me.
Thank you Maryn for providing me with a first class homebirth experience here in Sedona.
— Julie, Sedona lawyer; julielabenz.com
I knew I wanted to feel in control of my body and my birth experience, but I also wanted to feel safe, and supported. I had hired and fired a Nurse midwife and an OB before finding Maryn. Maryn let me know my bile salts were elevated (something the previous midwife and OB had missed) and helped me navigate through the anxieties of my baby carrying breech during the pregnancy. Maryn was able to understand and help explain to me what was going on from a “medical” perspective, and also be present and real with me as a woman going through the biggest emotional and spiritual initiation of my life. I looked forward to our appointments which felt more like a sister or friend visiting and bringing joy, than a “check up”. There was lots of laughter and honesty and real-ness with Maryn (and sometimes chocolate!) , which was what I needed to feel comfortable and in control of my pregnancy and birth experience.

With Maryn I felt the safety, support and control that was necessary for me to birth my baby comfortably and on my own terms.
— Samantha, Sedona
Dear Maryn,

I could write you a thank you letter everyday for the rest of my life! I didn’t even know what I was looking for when I found you. I want you to know that every bit of this testimonial is written from my soul.

I knew after my fifth son that I if I were to have any more children, it would be at home. I went to the local and trusted midwife for an initial consultation and left not really feeling any different than I did after each one of my OB GYN appointments in previous pregnancies. I was a customer. My child, a product of our transaction. I knew that I wanted to feel different about my pregnancy and my son’s birth.

I asked a friend to share the information on a midwife that she had recently hired and that’s when Maryn’s presence entered my world. I jumped on the Indie Birth website and was absolutely amazed at the empowerment I felt to be building the tiny human in my womb. I was listening to podcasts that made me realize what all the “hype” in homebirth was really about. I contacted Maryn and scheduled a consultation visit. I left that consultation KNOWING that she was the woman to walk with me on this adventure. I am so happy that I trusted my intuition because that walk got rocky and windy and I don’t think any other woman would have stuck with me (or would have been able to legally). Even when I considered taking the advice of the OB/GYNs I consulted during my pregnancy, Maryn never made me feel like I was making a mistake. She always guided me to do what I felt was best. I am a different woman because of what Maryn helped me see in myself. I wish every woman had the ability to awaken to their birth-warrior ability.

I was in charge of my own care and the direction my pregnancy and birth went. Even when I tried to get Maryn to tell me what to do, she put the ball back in my court and helped guide me to make my own decisions. My sixth son was born at home, on a peaceful day in September. Maryn was in-tune to my needs as my labor progressed and arrived at my home in time to help me during the transitional stage of labor. She stayed with me to make sure my son was nursing and I was fed and whole. My whole family was absolutely in love with the new little human joining us without the trauma of an unnecessary hospital visit. Maryn called me regularly post-partum and we discussed everything that was going on with myself and my new son and my family. She helped make recommendations for my young children to adjust to their new sibling and our new, bigger family. She continues to be a part of my life and I cannot thank her enough for EVERYTHING she did for me and my family.

Thank you Maryn from the deepest part of my soul!


— Amantha, Chino Valley
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It’s a rare thing to find someone who truly isn’t in it for themselves & Maryn is exactly that person. When I was 37 weeks pregnant without a birth plan that I actually wanted I felt alone in the world. It floored me that other so-called voices of authority were not going to let me give birth the way I wanted to. I remember the exact moment I first spoken with Maryn [ almost 5 years ago now ] & I felt, for the first time, supported & heard. I birthed my perfectly healthy breech baby in my own home & of course hired her for my second pregnancy without hesitation. Through every single interaction I felt as though I was her most important client & the love shared in her world is beyond any expectation I could have possibly dreamed up. If you are interested in giving your baby the absolute best possible & most loving welcome to the world, without a doubt this is your midwife.
— Jane, Sedona
My experience with Maryn/Indie Birth was spontaneous magic. When I became pregnant, I knew that I would not be birthing in a hospital, or in any type of medicalized setting. I am exceptionally grateful that Indie Birth manifested itself so gracefully into my pregnancy, birth, and post-partum time. During my pregnancy, there were times I felt truly vulnerable and fearful. Those moments led to cravings of outside re-assurance that my baby was healthy and thriving. Looking back, it is with such gratitude that I recognize that working with Maryn helped me along the path of trusting myself, my body, and my baby instead of relying on outside opinions and instant intervention that are so often offered in medicalized models of pregnancy and birth. My labor, though certainly tougher than expected, was blessed. I hid away, isolated in the darkness of my teeny-tiny bathroom, safe to be alone. I was not pressured, coerced, or intervened with. Maryn aided in checking my baby’s heart tones per my request, and when I realized that the process was slowing my labor and I decided to not listen further, I was not questioned. My baby was born into my hands, full of life and beauty and strength. My postpartum time was supported in every aspect. I have so much appreciation for Maryn, and for Indie Birth. I believe that there are not nearly enough birth workers out there practicing and promoting truly autonomous/biological/FREE birth. I feel so blessed to have been able to work with someone who did.
— Claire, Sedona